Baseus – Rapid Series 3-In-1 Cable – CAMLT-SUS1 – Silver

  • 3 in 1: Type-C, Micro & Apple Lightning Connector
  • USB 2.0 Speed: 480 Mbps (Fast Data Transfer Speed)
  • Woven Nylon Exterior: Very Durable, High-Quality
  • Can Simultaneously Charge All 3 Devices At The Same Time
  • Wide Compatibility: Type-C, Micro & Lightning Interface Devices
  • Length: 1.2 meters

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Product Description

Product model number: CAMLT-SUS1

Main Features:
– 1.2 Meter cable length cable.
– 3.0A (Amperage): Allows for a much faster charging speed.
– USB 2.0 Speed: 480 Mbps (Megabits Per Second) allows for a fast and respectable data transfer speed.
– USB Type-C connector
– Apple Lightning connector.
– Micro USB connector
– Users can simultaneously charge all three devices at the same time.

Secondary Features:
– Woven nylon exterior: We have used a very durable, high-quality, woven black nylon fabric on the outer layer of the cable as to reinforce the cable and protect internal wiring from common user damage, this material drastically increases the products reliability and life span.
– Anodized aluminum shell: we have used aluminum alloy for the shell of the connectors as it drastically increases the durability against wear and tear, the connector heads have gone through a black anodizing process which protects the cable against corrosion and produces a beautiful yet stealthy finish.
– Durable TPU rubber used in the self-regulating joint: We have used a very durable grade of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) rubber in the self-regulating joint area, this is the point where the nylon outer layer of the cable meets the aluminum casing of the connector, this area is the most common area where cables tend to fail, hence, why we have gone through performing thousands of plug and tensile tests as to ensure that this region is as durable as possible.
– Reversible USB Type-C connector: The user to no longer has to inconveniently check which side of the connector needs to be inserted into the port.

Please Note:
– This USB Type-C is not video functional, it facilitates charging and data transfer only.
– When connecting three devices at the same time, the charging speed/rate will be divided by three.



1.2 meters


Type-C, Micro, Lightning


Wide Compatibility

Package Contents

1 x Baseus Rapid Series 3 in 1 Cable

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